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The world's most sustainable

Hemp Shoes

... that are also waterproof!

The last backpack you will need!

Hemp made, expandable, and weatherproof. What else?

Hemp Products

Introducing the world's most sustainable fiber and also one of the most durable ones. 100% hemp shoes and hemp accessories for you to wear daily while saving the planet. It's time for you to hemp yourself up from head to toe.

Yes, it's Cannabis!

Durable, sustainable and not for smoking. The world's most sustainable fiber is back in different colors and shapes.

About our Materials

Why Hemp Shoes?

8000Kicks are made from industrial hemp, a sativa branch, known as the sober cousin of marijuana.
Industrial hemp has been used since 8000 BC, and its properties include being anti bacterial, needing no fertilizers and almost no water to grow, it cleans and restores the nutrients in the soil, and it is also very durable. In fact, Hemp is so strong that Henry Ford even built a car out of it.
We are pioneers in the development of hemp and our goal is to bring back this powerful natural fiber and make hemp shoes mainstream.

The Strongest Hemp Fiber

When sourcing our fiber we pick only the best hemp fibers available.

Each new fabric is tested to measure it's strength and durability, guaranteeing nothing but the best quality.

Game-Changing Comfort!

Introducing the World's 1st Hemp insoles.

Designed and developed by the world's smartest textile engineers using the world's eco-friendliest material. Zero impact on the planet, maximum comfort to our feet.

...Also not for smoking!  Sorry folks.

Flexible and Lightweight

Super lightweight and Flexible, our proprietary Bloom foam outsoles are made of algae collected from Harmful algal blooms.

At the same time, our bloom soles can flex and bounce back to their original shape even after years of action.

Water and Dustproof

We want to provide footwear for the active person, the challenger, the explorer, something that could provide the best experience under any condition, and that’s why we built our shoes water and dust repellent, keeping your shoes dry and clean for longer.