The Hemp Revolution has started!

Dear everyone,


We are 8000Kicks and hemp shoe and backpack company from Portugal.


During the last years our company has been fighting the war on stigma. The cannabis stigma. This plant was banned almost 50 years ago, but today we realize that HEMP is one of nature's most durable and sustainable fibers. In a world where our biggest fighting is climate change, we still see many people demonizing this plant, and criticizing our products because of a stigma that was built in the last century.


Today we fight for legalization, today we fight for the integration of people that have been marginalized because they consume it, today we fight to educate people for the advantages of this plant, today we break stigma... Today we are starting the hemp revolution! During the last hours our team has spread over 500 cannabis plants around Berlin. These plants are industrial hemp and they grow without pesticides and almost no water.


Although they look like weed, they are not for smoking and they will be confused as such. These plants are the core material of our products and these plants are the alternative to leather and plastic. These plants are the change we need, and because people still doubt their potential, we put it out there for everyone to see.


Today we are one step closer to changing our planet! The revolution has started!

The main event will happen at: Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin from the 13th to the 15th of July.


The revolution team,



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