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Best Clothing from Hemp

by Bernardo Carreira |

Best Clothing from Hemp

Posted at 11:00 • 28th Dec • Bernardo Carreira• Hemp

Hemp Clothing has been growing over the last few years. Here’s a list of the best clothing from hemp for you to fill up your wardrobe and become a real Hemp advocate.

Hemp shoes

Our Pick: 8000Kicks

8000kicks are the first waterproof hemp sneakers. But there's more, they are vegan, super durable, super light and they have the world's 1st hemp insoles.

But the funniest part is that this idea was born from a partnership between a young vegetarian Millennial and his grandmother in Portugal. Their product has gone viral and they are now the #1 Hemp shoe brand worldwide.

If you are into HEMP and you care for the environment without compromising on functionality, then these are a must have.


Hemp Underwear

Our Pick: WAMA underwear

WAMA is the pioneer in hemp underwear, producing a range of classic styles for both men and women. The label sources its Global Organic Textile Standards certified organic hemp fabric from China, the world leader in hemp farming and textile production.

Designed in the USA, WAMA’s products are well made and of the quality you can expect of a sustainable brand.

Now, you might think hemp is too rough to have as underwear. But WAMA underwear nailed it by using a knit blend of hemp, polyester and cotton, instead of 100% woven hemp which has been known for its strength and rough feel. And that was a total game changer.


Hemp Sunglasses

Our Pick: Hemp Eyewear

Hemp Eyewear is the world’s first sustainable sunglass line developed from hemp fibre and water! Hemp is the ideal alternative to harmful plastics, as it’s one of the most beautiful and sustainable materials on earth.

Hemp Eyewear frames are crafted by hand in Edinburgh, Scotland using sustainable technology, organic materials and traditional artisanal techniques. They use 100% UV400 Protection lenses, high-grade nickel spring hinges and they have high quality titanium nose pads.


Hemp Clothing

Our Pick: Jungmaven

Jungmaven’s founder Robert Jungmann began creating naturally dyed hemp clothing in 1993. It focuses on hemp-forward, casual apparel, and has been at it since the early 90s. The founder is a founding member of the industry association that helped make growing hemp legal again in the US.

In the picture below you can see one of the most recent models, the The Baja Tee, a versatile and durable piece. The weight and style make it perfect for working from home and around town.


Hemp Jeans

Our Pick: Affends

Born in 2006 in the small coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, Affends was founded by Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield off the back of a small screen printing business they originally created as 20-something year olds to print band merchandise for punk and hardcore bands.

Affends has a large variety of jeans models and it is growing even further its models. Although other brands such as Levis have done jeans before, Affends has a unique material quality and that's why we have it here.


Hemp bags

Our Pick: Dime Bags

It started in 2007 when two buds decided they were tired of the sub-par hemp bags that were flooding the market at the time. Fast forward ten years and Dime Bags has become the leader in the hemp accessories market making a high quality, timeless product with a high regard for detail.

While the two friends were exploring fabrics that were both organic and durable, they had the brilliant idea to blend recycled polyester and hemp and thus, Hempster was born. Blending recycled polyester and hemp revolutionized the line. Not only were the bags far more durable than the traditional 100% hemp bag, but it allowed for the introduction of more colors.


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