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Waterproof Hemp Backpacks

8000Kicks hemp backpacks are made from industrial hemp, a Sativa branch, known as the sober cousin of marijuana.Industrial hemp has been used since 8000 BC, and its properties include being anti-bacterial, needing no fertilizers and almost no water to grow, hemp cleans and restores the nutrients in the soil, and it is also very durable. In fact, Hemp is so strong that Henry Ford even built a car out of it. We are pioneers in the development of hemp and our goal is to bring back this powerful natural fiber and make amazing waterproof hemp backpacks.



Waterproof and Dustproof

Our hemp fabric has been built to repel fluids from coming in. First we added a proprietary coating layer that protects the fabric and its properties from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

Hemp is also a super durable material, that will make your backpack last years before it wears out.

*PFCs free

Vegan and Sustainable

Your 18L work backpack carrying your 15-inch computer during the week, and your 30L waterproof hiking backpack carrying your gear during the weekend.

Backpack game is not getting more versatile than this.

Made for airplanes

Our backpacks were designed with the exact measurements to fit below the airplace seat as a "small cabin bag" or a personal item so that you can travel everywhere for free. Ryanair, Easyjet, AirAsia, Spirit... we have got them all covered.

Quick Delivery

3-5 day deliveries and in the EU/US, with UPS, FEDEX and DHL. 14 day deliveries everywhere else.

Free shipping and exchanges

Free shipping and exchanges in the EU and in the US for orders above $90.

60-day returns

If you are not happy with your hemp shoes, you have 60 days to contact us for a free return.


Are hemp backpacks good?

Hemp is a long lasting material that has been used since 8000bc. It was used to build ropes, ship sails and even some of Ford's cars, and that is why we use it to build our hemp backpacks.

Hemp is also very ecological:

- it consumes 5x less water than cotton

- It restores the nutrients in the soil

- it needs not fertilizers to grow

- it captures CO2 from the atmosphere

By using Hemp we are not only making quality products, we are also helping the enviroment.


Are pure hemp bachpack smell proof?

8000Kicks are 100% legal everywhere in the world. Our team has traveled to Italy, France, USA, Canada, Morocco, Portugal and many other countries without any issues. Hemp is the sober cousin of marijuana, which means that it has no psychoactive components.

In some countries it is illegal to cultivate hemp, but it is 100% legal to buy and sell finished hemp products like soap, paper and apparel as long as it is produced abroad.

Althought our hemp fabric doesn't release any smell, the backpacks are not smell proof, meaning they will not hold any substances from smelling out.

Are hemp backpacks sturdy?

Hemp is a fiber that has been used for milenniums. Ancient Egyptians used it to make rope, textiles, fine linen, and sails.

Hemp is a naturally durable fiber that was widely used in textiles and shoes until it was banned in the 70s. It was also used to build some of Ford's cars.

Unlike cotton, Hemp has long fibers, which brings a big edge in durability when making fabrics. For that reason, hemp is in many ways the strongest natural fiber available, and our hemp backpacks are also very durable.

According to the hemp foundation, hemp can be even stronger than steel.

Can I wash my hemp backpack?

Our hemp backpacks are made from premium hemp fibers and we recommend washing them dry using warm water, soap and a kitchen scrub. We do not suggest machine washing as it might damage some of the bag's parts and harm its ability to reppel water.

Are hemp backpacks waterproof?

Our backpack has two layers of waterproof protection:

1- A coating that repels liquids and dust from coming in.

2- A membrane that keeps water out no mater what.


This means that the backpack is ready to take heavy rain showers, but It is not ready to be submerged underwater.


Returns and exchanges

Each hemp backpack has a period of 60 days be returned or exchanged. It must be in the original packaging. The 8000Kicks reserves the right to ask for pictures to confirm the product is in the same condition as when it was sent.


US and EU

Free shipping and returns above $90.


UK, Europe (non-EU) and Canada

Reduced shipping for orders above $90. Working on free exchanges and returns.

Free exchanges and returns have been suspended in the UK due to BREXIT.

Can I smoke the backpack?

Do you really want to smoke our backpack? :-D

Hemp is the sober cousin of marijuana, which means that it has no psychoactive components, less than 0.3% THC, so you are definitely not getting high. Now seriously, please note that smoking the backpack is not a good idea and it might get you hospitalized.