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How to Wash a Hemp Backpack

by Bernardo Carreira |

Keep them clean with minimal effort!

Posted at 11:00 •17th Feb • Bernardo Carreira • Hemp

Washing your hemp backpack correctly guarantees it will serve you well for many years. Learn how to do it properly in this blog with 8000Kicks.

As a company with high-quality hemp products, our job is to provide you with a hemp backpack that has the potential to last for many years. However, it’s not entirely up to us. You can also do things to prolong your backpack’s life and keep it looking nice for longer. One of those things is to regularly wash it—correctly. Because hemp is not a traditionally common material, you should know how best to take care of it so that you don’t accidentally make any wear and tear worse.

That’s where we come in.

For your convenience, here is the best way to wash a hemp backpack.

#1. Spot Check for Stains

Because of the durable properties of hemp, it can be hard to get stains out once they are dry. However, it’s not impossible. To treat any spots you find, apply a detergent solution or gentle stain remover to the spot by hand and scrub it for a bit before moving on to the whole backpack. It may take a couple of tries to get hard stains out completely.

#2. Soak in Water (Optional)

Depending on how dirty your backpack is, you may consider soaking your bag for a bit to start the cleaning process. When you do this, be very careful to do it right so that you don’t mess up our hemp backpack’s water and dust-resistant properties. Don’t let the bag sit for too long: 15 minutes at the most. Soaking is helpful to remove odors and dirt in crevices.


All terrain backpack

#3. Hand Wash with Soap

Once you’ve finished prepping the backpack, it’s time to wash it for real. The best way to do this is with a hand brush and some soap with warm water. Scrub gently for a few minutes, and work through high-contact spots where dirt is most likely to be, like the bottom of the backpack or where you sweat the most. There is no specific amount of time you need to wash it, but the longer you go in between washes, the dirtier it will be. Use another cloth with just warm water to get the soap out afterward.

#4. Dry the Backpack

Hang the roll top backpack up to dry and leave it for a day or so. Hemp is resistant to mold, so you won’t have to worry about that. However, you should still open all the pockets so that the backpack dries completely. Drying the backpack like this will prevent shrinking or tearing.


travel backpack

What Not to Do

There are a few things you should avoid while washing it. We already mentioned not letting the bag sit too long in the water, but keep these four things in mind too:

  • Do not use a dryer under any circumstances. It will make the hemp shrink.
  • Use only warm or cold water. Hot water will have the same effect on the hemp as a dryer.
  • Use a gentle soap or detergent. Harsh cleaners aren’t good for natural fabric.
  • When drying your hemp bag, don’t expose it to direct sunlight. The sun causes the colors to fade faster.

Invest in Your Future With 8000Kicks  

Our hemp backpack is perfect for all of your adventures because of its strength, durability, and style. Keeping it clean will ensure it looks fantastic for as many years as you need it for. Here at 8000Kicks, we are committed to giving you the best products sustainably and ethically. So if you’re ready to commit to a product that will last, get your 8000Kicks Backpack today!

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