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Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green
Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green
Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green
Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green
Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green

Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green


The Explorer is the first-ever model of hemp shoes developed by 8000Kicks. It was designed and engineered in Portugal to achieve the most sustainable, durable and comfortable sneaker ever built. Minimalist, yet stylish enough to fit every occasion, indoors or outdoors.


⚖️ Only 240g | 0.50lb
💪 Durable Hemp fibers;
💦 Waterproof (PFC Free)
🍁 World's 1st Hemp Insoles;
🌱 Algae Bloom soles;
✅ 100% vegan;
🏃 Versatile design;


Size Chart and Guide

8000Kicks size chart


Our shoe sizes were made following international standards like Nike and Adidas. 

In case of doubt always size up.

Shipping and Returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 60 days of receiving your 8000Kicks to arrange for a replacement, exchange, or refund. Items must be in new condition, with no signs of wear, and in the original packaging. We ship from our warehouse in Portugal and California


USA and EU

Free shipping for orders above 90$. Free exchanges and returns.

Customs, VAT, and duties are included.


UK, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

Reduced shipping for orders above 90$. Customs, VAT, and duties are included. Free exchanges and returns coming soon. 


Rest of the world

Worldwide shipping. Might incur into Customs, VAT, and duties are included.


Care Guide

Although possible, we don't suggest machine washing as it might compromise the waterproofing and damage the fabric's ability to repel liquids and dust. Instead, hand wash them with warm water and soap.

Hemp Shoes for Men
explorer v2 for men All Beige
explorer v2 for men Beige and Green
explorer v2 for men Black and White
explorer v2 for men Dark Green
explorer v2 for men Full Black
explorer v2 for men Navy Blue

Quick Delivery

3-5 day deliveries and in the EU/US, with UPS, FEDEX and DHL. 14 day deliveries everywhere else.

Free shipping and exchanges

Free shipping and exchanges in the EU and in the US for orders above $90.

60-day returns

If you are not happy with your hemp products, you have 60 days to contact us for an exchange.

It's THAT comfortable!

Before being banned, Hemp was widely used because of its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Also, did you know hemp is used as home insulation because it is a temperature regulating material? 

Introducing the world's 1st Hemp insoles.

Super light algae bottom

Weed upper, and algae bottom.

Phenomenons like eutrophication can destroy entire marine ecosystems if not controlled.

We partnered up with Bloom Foam to create a super light algae bottom with increased durability while sponsoring the removal of harmful algae.

Waterproof and dustproof

Our hemp has been made to repel water from coming in. We added a proprietary coating layer that  protects the fabric and its properties from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

We have also added a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry no matter what.

*PFC free

100% vegan & sustainable shoes

Only 4.1 kg of CO2 per pair.

Manufacturing a pair of running shoes emits around 14kg of CO2 to the atmosphere, while a pair of leather shoes can reach up to 100Kg, that's like flying across the US.

Our shoes not only generate a lot less CO2, they are also 100% vegan and animal friendly.

Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green

Explorer V2 for Men Dark Green



  • What if the shoe doesn't fit? Exchanges & returns?

    We want to get you in a pair that fit right, and that you love wearing. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 60 days of receiving your 8000Kicks to arrange for a replacement, exchange, or refund. Footwear must be in new condition, with no signs of wear, and in original packaging. All returns require a return authorization from 8000Kicks Customer Service. We reserve the right to require a photo of the footwear.

  • Free Shipping, exchanges and returns?


    Free shipping for orders above 100$, free exchanges and returns.


    UK, Europe (non-EU) and Canada

    Reduced shipping for orders above $90. Free exchanges and returns coming soon.

    Free exchanges and returns have been suspended in the UK due to BREXIT. All UK returns and exchanges must be sent to our US warehouse because parcels arriving the EU from the UK are subject to taxes and import fees.

  • Where do you ship from? Shipping times?

    We currently fulfil our orders from Mira Loma, in California, and from Lisbon, Portugal. Standard shipping times vary:

    USA: 3 to 7 days

    EU: 5- 7 days

    Portugal: 2 days

    Rest of the world: 2 weeks

    Note: Please expect delays with international shipping due to COVID. BREXIT is also causing delays in he UK:

  • Is it really waterproof?

    Our shoes have two layers of waterproof protection:

    1- A coating that repels liquids and dust from coming in.

    2- A membrane that keeps water out no mater what.

    This means that our kicks work under rain and puddles. However, water might still get in from the ankle and the shoelaces area, specially under heavy rains or if completely submerged.

  • Is the explorer 100% Hemp? What other materials are used?

    The Explorer V2 is not 100% hemp, as there are other materials in the mix, including a recycled polyester lining inside, a inner waterproof membrane, and a semi synthetic bioplastic sole made from algae.

    The packaging is also made of recycled cardboard.

  • Is there a warranty? Are they durable?

    Unfortunately we don't have a warranty because shoes are subject to maximum wear and tear. However, from our experiences both our hemp and our soles have performed very well on our "torture" tests and we can confidently say that they are stronger than any branded sneakers in the same price range. We also tested over 10 types of different glues to find a perfect fit that would survive under the harshest conditions.

    However, if for some accident or problem our shoes do not perform as expected, please contact us and we can deal with it and issue a replacement pair if necessary.

  • Can I take this on a flight? Will police dogs come after me?

    8000Kicks are 100% legal everywhere in the world. Our team has traveled to Italy, France, USA, Canada, Morocco, Portugal and many other countries without any issues. Hemp is the sober cousin of marijuana, which means that it has no psychoactive components, less than 0.3% THC, definitely not a drug. In some countries it is illegal to cultivate hemp, but it is 100% legal to buy and sell finished hemp products like soap, paper and apparel as long as it is produced abroad.

  • Can I smoke the shoe?

    Do you really want to smoke our shoe? :-D

    Hemp is the sober cousin of marijuana, which means that it has no psychoactive components, less than 0.3% THC, so you are definitely not getting high. Now seriously, please note that smoking the shoe is not a good idea and it might get you hospitalized.

Customer Reviews

Based on 865 reviews
Cogen Bohanec
Best shoes ever!

I am pleased to say that I just received my FOURTH pair of 8000 Kicks, and as long as this company is around, I’ll continue to wear this excellent product. I wear my black ones every morning when I workout outdoors in Oregon, in the snow, in the rain, and even in the mud, and they never leak. They keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable, and they have great support for running, which might be unexpected. As the weather gets colder, my normal vegan dress shoes are a little cold for my feet, so I’ve started wearing my brown pair of 8000 Kicks with my dress clothes, and they look fantastic! So chic! I also wear khādī, natural colored Indian cloth, a lot and the beige shoes match quite well with those outfits. I’m so happy to have sustainable, vegan materials that are of such hight quality; these really are the BEST shoes. Five stars. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Luiz R
Overall great

They do run a little small, so go with the larger size if you're between two sizes. Otherwise, very comfortable

Kriton Iordanidis

Very nice and comfortable shoes. Bought them on BF and they fit great on my feet. It's great to see more and more businesses to appreciate hemp as a material because it is much better than what we are used to. Many thanks!!

Craig Hanson
Great everyday shoe.

The Explorer V2 is very comfortable, lightweight, and (I understand) waterproof, though I haven't really tested that yet. The price is reasonable for the quality of the product it seems. (I'll know more about that when the shoes aren't new anymore.) So far, I'm very happy with them. If your thinking about buying a pair, I'd say go for it.